Kärki-Insinöörit Oy is an independent environmental consulting company. Founded 1989 and has been operating over 30 years in environmental and infrastructural projects. The Company proffers design services and expertise for environmental management for employing, contracting or design companies or communities.

Kärki-Insinöörit Oy has been implementing several remarkable domestic and international water and wastewater projects as a co-operating part with several design and contracting companies. The Customers have been ia prominent contractors and leading design and consulting companies and also communities.

The operational assets of the company are water and wastewater plant know-how and project management expertise tasks. E.g. supervision of design, procurement, implementing and mobilization stage projects as well as expertise on plant and mechanical issues. Kärki-Insinöörit is used to co-operate with other networking expert companies in shared experience and specific liability.