Engineering and Consulting Services and Expertise
for environmental management for employing,
contracting or design companies or communities.

  • Feasibility and pre-design of projects
  • Plant design
  • Mechanization of processes
  • Mechanical equipment design
  • Pipe and connection mechanism design

  • Project management and consulting
  • Project supervision, review and reporting
  • Schedule and cost management
  • Technical auditing and conformity review

  • Supervision and expediting tasks of production projects
  • Supervision tasks of delivery projects

Examples of the documentation:

  • process descriptions and dimensioning data sheets
  • functional and operational descriptions
  • lists and descriptions for scope of delivery and/or works
  • specifications of mechanical equipment,
    piping and connections
  • lists and specifications of techno-mechanical and conformity requirements and codes
  • process valve and accessory lists and definition tables
  • hydraulic calculation and dimensioning tables
  • mechanical calculation and dimensioning tables
  • process- and P&I–diagram drawings
  • areal, plant and mechanical layout drawings
  • arrangement and assembly drawing for equipment and connections
  • recesses and basement drawings of building works for mechanical equipment

  • reports for project and time management
  • tme schedule drawings and tables
  • recourse calculation and control tables
  • cost calculation and control sheets


List of the main references:

  • Mechanical supervision task of WWTP construction for Bucharest and Glina Cities in Romania. FIDIC Works Supervision project in Romania for Bucharest WWTP of JV Jacobs-Fichtner-Plancenter. Started 2007 and continuing.
  • Expediting and supervision task for equipment manufacturing and delivery projects for Ore developing in Kazakhstan, Greece, Ireland and other European countries for Outotec Minerals Ltd. Projects during years 2007 - 2009.
  • Expertise on specification of main process equipment and purchasing engineering of enlargement and rehabilitation of wastewater treatment plants of Cities of Kauhajoki, Salo, Jyväskylä in Finland and ST Petersburg in Russia for FCG Ltd. 2004 – 2009.
  • Expertise on specification of main process equipment and purchasing engineering of mechanical equipment for Underground wastewater treatment plant of City of Turku, Finland. Consulting for Plancenter Ltd the main design company of the project. 2004 – 2007.
  • Design project coordinating and design supervisor of traffic and railway tunnel project of New Harbour of Vuosaari, Helsinki, Finland. Co-operation with Finnmap-Infra ltd and Rockplan Ltd 2002 – 2004.

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A few illustration of documentation associated to our tasks (PDF files):